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Website Skins

dbCanvas sites use a Skin to generate the sites look.  This is similar to the templates you've seen on the web,  but Skins are different in that they're fully dynamic and ready to import.  Your Skin is separate from the sites content which allows you to change your sites look without having to redo the pages or any of the content.  Each Skin contains its own set of Layout Panels (used to publish the content) so that even your sites content can be reformatted to fit the Skin.



isWhat is dbCanvas?





The concept of changing graphics using 'Skins' is nothing new to computers, but its something that the website community has lacked. dbCanvas allows Webmasters to create multiple skins. Import example skins into your site to start from, structure your new skins in any fashion you like. The support for Macromedia Flash is awesome and Site Design has never been faster. The one page Header/Footer concept used in conjunction with multiple Skins allows you get take drastic leaps with little implementation time. Preview and test your new Skins all the way across your site. Send links to co-workers to allow them to view the site with your new beta Skins. This is also the ultimate answer to Flash vs. HTML based websites. With dbCanvas, you can use scripting to control the skin selection. Create a Flash Skin and an HTML skin, then allow the user to choose which Skin they use. It's never been so easy!

Website Skins
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