Battling the Sadim Touch

With the increasing level of sophistication gold counterfeiters have achieved in recent years, it can be very difficult to accurately test gold bars.  Like a criminally reincarnated version of Isaac Newton, or Sadim, the antithesis of Midas, these counterfeiters are using variations of non-precious metals, perfectly forged mints, and inserted lead to counter traditional non-destructive methods of testing gold bars for authenticity.  Whether you’re a broker, jeweler, or of the layman variety, you’ll want to test your gold bars, bullion, and coins for authenticity with the least invasive method possible.  That’s when a small, portable, easy to use device like GT-Ultra becomes your greatest ally in combating counterfeits.

test gold bars

In case you have no idea how to check if gold is real, I’ll briefly elaborate on a couple of the currently most used methods to test gold bars and why they aren’t the most ideal choices.  First, there is the density test that uses volume displacement to measure the density of your material.  The problem with this method is that the density of gold can easily be replicated with other materials such as lead.  Second, is a method that involves putting a drop of nitric acid on the gold to see how it reacts.  Any reaction (change in color, dissolving, etc.) would indicate a fake.  However, if your gold coins or bullion are counterfeits and merely just gold plated, this test will yield no negative results, as the acid will not have a reaction to the gold plating.  You would have to crack your gold open like a kinder egg, only, you’re not going to find a nice kinder egg surprise, and best case scenario, your gold is real, but now you have damaged gold bullion or coin.

So by now you may be wondering how to test gold at home without acid or an unreliable density test.  The answer is with the gold purity testing machine, the GT-Ultra. This product, offered on, uses ultrasound technology to test gold bars by sending oscillating sound pressure waves through your gold until it makes contact with a non-gold surface, sending you feedback on the actual thickness of the gold.  So if your gold happens to be imbued by the touch of Sadim, your GT-Ultra may register your 10mm gold bullion as only 2mm.  I prefer to liken its use to a sonographer searching for unwanted abnormalities, only you’ll need a hundredth of the training!

Another added benefit of using the GT-Ultra is its convenience. This gadget requires just four AAA batteries and, measuring at just over seven inches, can easily fit in a kitchen drawer.  Or if you happen to be in a face to face purchasing situation, the simplicity and portability of this product allows you to discreetly test the gold before you close with a purchase.  The GT-Ultra also comes with a one-year warranty and if you visit the website,, you can find instructional videos and articles on how the technology works…not that you’ll need it.  It really is that simple.  But if you’re a regular Tim the tool man Taylor and prone to mechanical mishaps, you can even email the seller for any additional inquiries you might have.  Equipped with the GT-Ultra and its support package, protecting your gold investments will be one less concern you have in a gold-purchasing industry rife with counterfeits.