About common forms of hunting

Common forms of hunting today that require one to buy hunting accessories involve sports, commercial and subsistence hunting. They all involve hunting wild animals.

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Subsistence hunting

Subsistence hunting for a long time was a way of survival for human beings in history as through it people were able to gain food, animal skin and even their bones. It’s still an important practice today in some communities like Botswana in Africa where bush meat that is gotten from animals like the deer serves as food. Even in the rain forests of the Amazon, people still appreciate and practice subsistence hunting.


Commercial hunting

Where commercial hunting is legal, it involves the killing and selling of animals surplus to the region’s carrying capacity. Many farmers, for example, run wild animals with their domestic animals because game birds and mammals are said to have good commercial value. This practice has resulted in the rise of species like saiga antelope in Russia and the impala.

Illegal commercial hunters use hunting supplies to hunt animals like elephants for their ivory and rhino horns. They don’t give consideration to the possibility of extinction of those species. It is highly discouraged not only by governments but also agencies.


Sport hunting

This is where people buy hunting accessories to hunt for the thrill of it. It requires a person to have the ability to stalk, prey and use the weapon that they have. There is no commercial or subsistence value gained in this form of hunting. Sport hunters enjoy challenging the wild animals. The goal of the sport usually is a trophy which includes heads or any other part of the game. Sport hunters enjoy learning the mannerism of an animal, its preferred habitat and the signs and tracks that indicate the animal is present. Sport hunting is considered very enjoyable when it takes place outdoors and on a natural environment.


Habitat management

Sport hunters normally pay a lot of money to hunt. This is some form of incentive to encourage the land owner to maintain the natural environment in which the animals for hunt live. Wildlife in most areas is endangered though because most of the habitats that they would live in have been converted into agricultural land and other uses. Well managed sport hunting encourages conservation of natural habitats for wildlife. Some countries like the USA instead of availing cheap hunting accessoriesplace taxes on hunting tools so that they are a bit more costly. These proceeds then are channeled towards management of wildlife.



Sport hunting and those who support it have faced a lot of criticism as some people disagree on killing an animal as a recreational activity. Some hunters argue sport hunting helps in population control, but studies show as well how hunting destroys sex ratio as hunters hunt the best animals in the herd.

Hunting has been around for a long time. People buy hunting accessories for use in sport hunting, recreational hunting and commercial hunting. Commercial hunting is illegal and legal in some states, however.