Drupal Website Development – Taking New Phase with New Updates

Everyday web designers are trying to incorporate new features in the tools used for web designing so that it is more user-friendly. The same can be noticed in the news released on whattech.com, on July 26, 2016 that was submitted by Vikash Sharma. He states how drupal plugin development services are trying to develop Drupal with out of the box functionalities and other features that will make drupal website development easier and interesting. They promise to give better security to your website and easy content authoring.

Developing website with WordPress and Drupal

Whenever you think of designing a website, the first thing that comes to your mind is ‘where do i find an good wordpress designer?’ Why do you always think of that, there are other CMS too that can be great for website development. If you choose the best web designers in Leicester, you will find that they come with solutions where you can choose any one platform for developing your website. In the end, what counts is the interface and the functionality of the website and not only the platform on which it is built.

Let’s find which is suggestive for designing a website.

Drupal or WordPress – which is better?

When you are looking for website development, it is natural that you will look for one that is the best. You may go for drupal website developement or for WordPress, but before that you must know about them in detail.

· First thing to consider is the ease of use. The CMS should be simple and easy to use if you are new in developing website. WordPress is much easier and simpler compared to Drupal. In WordPress, one can seek help from the community users. You will also get help on mobile apps. WordPress has regular updates and presently Drupal too is doing that.

· If you need to customize your website, you will need two things, plugins and customizable themes. Again, WordPress is preferred more as it has about 37000 plugins. Drupal too is not far behind as they are now introducing plugins with exciting features. Click here Leicester Website Design

· When it comes to security, Drupal is more secure compared to WordPress because in WordPress there are many plugins, and sometimes they may be vulnerable. Hence, if you need something more secured, then you should find a good Drupal developer Leicester has.

· The next thing that you need to consider is the size of the website that can be developed with the help of these platforms. With Drupal, you can design a one-page static website to websites with thousands of pages. WordPress was developed with the aim of creating a blogging platform and hence if there is too much content, it may be difficult.

With these factors in mind, you can decide as to which will be better for you when you think about website development. Drupal website developement can be done with its latest updates, and WordPress is always preferred by many web designers. However, one thing that you must remember before you consider one is the SEO friendliness of the website and of course the platform. For more details, visit at http://www.leicesterwebsitedesign.com/webdesign.html