Waterbed, a Sleeper’s Relaxing Haven

Waterbed mattress technology has greatly advanced since its introduction in the 1970s – gaining popularity over traditional mattresses through time. More and more people have discovered that waterbeds provide a more comfortable, deep and relaxing night sleep than their spring and coil counterparts – perfect reasons to buy waterbed.

buy waterbed

buy waterbed

When choosing the right kind of waterbed, a potential owner must consider a different list of factors than when buying a traditional mattress. There are lots of selections to be carefully made. Take note, choosing the wrong bed can affect sleep quality, which in turn can affect overall health.

While many people think that to buy waterbed would be a waste, users and makers of waterbeds have proven otherwise. Waterbeds, for one, are a good investment for one’s health and comfort.

What Type to Choose From

It is crucial to know and test both types of water mattresses before purchasing one. Soft-sided mattresses have many chambers, hence wave-less and feel like a conventional mattress. On the contrary, hard-sided mattresses don’t have chambers – resulting to water flowing freely inside.

What Features to Look For

Lumbar Support: Additional short fiber layers are provided to aid support where the body is thicker. The more layers there are, the more support a body can get.

Reinforced Corners: Each corner receives several layers of reinforcing by most manufacturers since these are the ones getting pulled every time linens are changed.

Tethering: Various types of the tether system are applied to each corner of the bed to help keep the fiber layers attached at the center of the mattress. It can be a strip of elastic cord or ribbon that is connected to the fiber layers and anchored to the mattress bottom.

Protective Covers: These provide extra comfort and protection from accidental punctures. Since most leaks are caused by accidents, owners with unruly pets and kids should seriously take into account a protective cover.

Accessories: Waterbeds require maintenance. Filling and draining may need a special nozzle and hose. After years of usage, certain parts of the bed such as bladders, tubes and heaters must be replaced.

While there are numerous waterbeds’ manufacturers one can find online, Waterbeds Australia, the leading provider of waterbed parts and accessories in Australia can keep all types of waterbeds on top condition which will last a life time.

Benefits of Sleeping on Waterbeds

  • Even distribution of body weight: Waterbeds provide over-all body support that allows a person to relax – resulting to lesser movements at night. A waterbed also prevents bedsores from occurring and puts less stress to the body – great for patients recovering from burns, injury, sickness or surgery.
  • Variable-temperature water: Owners can set waterbed heaters according to their preferred temperature. This warms up the mattress before they slide into bed – achieving a good sleep easily.
  • Easy to clean and keep sanitary: Waterbeds’ mattresses are entirely hypoallergenic and impenetrable to dust and dust mites – safe for those with asthma, allergies and eczema.
  • Lesser body aches and pains: The warmth waterbeds provide can ease muscle tension – giving a sleeper a more restful sleep.

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